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When creating a new product, it is essential to know its environment. That's why our first task on a project is to develop a deep understanding of your business, your customers and the technology you use.

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Your Business

We want to design the best possible product for your customers, but also the best possible product for your business.

The more we know about your goals and your way of work, the better we can adapt the design process to your needs.

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Your Application

What does your product do? Which problem does it solve for your customers? And which desires should it evoke?

The answers to these questions are the basis for the vision, that will fuel the further development of your application.

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Your Customers

Satisfied customers are the best business model there is. Knowing about the specific needs and desires of your audience is the foundation of creating a great product.

We help you gain those insights through techniques like shadowing, user interviews or personas.


Step by step a vision evolves into an interface concept. Solid structure and a clear layout are the basic requirements for a product that your customers will love.



An applications is more than a collection of buttons and lists. Together we plan the paths a user can take through your app and the connections between the various functionalities.

Our solid experience as designers helps us to lay out clear structures, so that the user can concentrate on the task at hand rather than the navigation.



A perfect layout is clear, understandable and unambiguous. Creating such a layout is a process in which different variations are combined into a final result.

Scribblings are the fastest and easiest way to quickly create these variations and constantly adapt them to your needs and the needs of your customers.



The ideas we created on paper find their way to the screen as wireframes. They help us get a feeling for the exact proportions within the layout.

In addition, wireframes are the perfect foundation for an interactive prototype of your application.

Interactive Experience

Seeing is believing. Actually using a prototype of your application quickly exposes what works, and what doesn't. That's why we prototype early and prototype often.


An image says more than a thousand words and a prototype says more than a thousand images.

Based on the wireframes, we build interactive demos that help you judge the application in its entirety. Also, it is the perfect foundation for usability testing.


Now that we know the various screens and states of your application, it is about time to think about the transitions between these states.

Animations are a great way to guide the user through your application. They also make using software more fun. Finding the right transition for the right purpose is what can take your application from good to great.

Pixel Perfect

Color, form and effects – these are the protagonists in the final act of the design process. Again, the key to excellence is experimentation. In addition, we create our visual data in such a way, that you can directly use it for development.



Which style suits your business and pleases your customer's eye?

The graphic style is the little extra that makes your application irresistable.


The design of your application is almost finished?

Time to scrub up one more time and refine every button, list and slider down to the pixel.

The result will be impressive – not just for your clients

Thomas Gläser