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A Clear Message

In the beginning there is the story you want to tell. Understanding that story is the foundation for a great installation.

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Your Goals

A marketing professional has different goals than a museum curator and a trade fair has different requirements than a scientific exhibition. Respecting those differences is the key to finding the right interactive solution.

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Your Message

What do you want to communicate? We can't answer that question for you, but we can work tirelessly to find an optimum way of turning your message into an interactive experience.

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Your Audience

The people you want to reach are at the centre of attention. We apply the principles of user centered design to make sure that your message reaches its receiver.

Creative Solutions

An interactive installation is a combination of many aspects. Concept, design and technology have to harmonize in order to take the experience from good to great.



Gestures, touch, voice recognition and face tracking are just some of the buzzwords that you might already have heard of in the context of interactive installations. The way in which your audience interacts with your message is the centre of the experience.



Technology enables creativity. Constantly tinkering with the latest sensors and software helps us to stay on the edge of what is possible.



Beautiful graphics breathe life into a concept. An attractive yet clear design helps your audience to understand and appreciate your message.

Fast Prototyping

We only believe what we see. That is why we put prototypes at the centre of our design process. Not only does this help us to constantly improve and validate the concept, it also provides a solid foundation for discussing design descisions.

Analogue Prototypes
Digital Prototypes
Hi-Fi Prototypes
Descisions based on Prototypes

Scissor, Paper, Code

Prototypes can take many forms. Initially, they might just be little bricolages of paper that help us to get a feeling for the interaction. Later on, they evolve into sophisticated pieces of hardware and software that pave the way for the final implementation.

Bringing it all together

You shouldn't have to worry about coordinating suppliers and their schedules. That's why we worry about it – Making sure that everything is in place at the right time.

Philipp Sackl