envis precisely

BMW Online

The web is coming into your car!

Client BMW AG
Year 2010-2011
Service UX Design
Front-End Development

BMW Online: the internet in the car – envis precisely supported BMW with the concept and realization of the user interface.


Making the world of the web usable inside a car presents mor than just one challenge. Content and applications have to meet the hight standards of an automotive interface while keeping their innovative character.

This is why we started the project with a thorough analysis of the services that should be integrated into the BMW Online portal. Based on the results, we were able to fit the content of those online services into the UI logic of the BMW navigation system. The resulting wireframes were used equally to evaluate the concept and as a basis for final implementation.


While we are first and foremost a design studio, we also have a technical background. This combination was especially helpful in this project, because it allowed us to support BMW as designers and as front end developers at the same time. Using browser technologies inside a car was a very novel thing at that time. Therefore our knowledge about web technologies was integral in this project.

We worked on the project from start to finish. In the beginning we created a prototype that allowed us to test both interaction principles as well as hardware capabilities. Later on we developed much of the visible part of the application. This greatly simplified many processes and reduced the need for correctins. At the same time the developer team was able to work independently and meet even the tightest deadline.

Thomas Gläser