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decoded Generative Identity

Generative corporate identity for the decoded conference

Client decoded conference
Year 2010

The decoded conference is all about the common ground of design and code. We created their corporate design using generative design strategies.

The logo, the decorative elements and many other parts of the design are made using a generator written in Processing. It takes letters and words as input and translates them into polygonal shapes. This generator can be used in three ways: it can create still images, it can output animations, or you can use it interactively. Color and form of the polygons are based on the letter frequency in German.


In addition, we created an online version of the generator using processing.js. You can use it to encode your name or any other text.

The conference took place on October 23rd in Munich. It was sold out.

Projekt Image
Projekt Image
Projekt Image
Projekt Image
Philipp Sackl