envis precisely


An installation that's all about bones, calcium and osteoporosis.

Client AMGEN GmbH
Location Deutsches Museum, Munich
Year 2011
Partner Viscons GmbH

Osteoporosis is a widespread yet widely underestimated disease. This installation at the Deutsches Museum in Munich shows, how our bones are subject to permanent transformation, how osteoporosis might emerge and how to protect yourself.

Every topic is presented as a 3D animation. The image is floating freely in the air, which amplifies the vivid graphics.

»No matter how unusual the situation – the team at envis precisely always comes up with a creative solution.«

Dr. Lorenz Kampschulte, Curator Deutsches Museum


The installation is part of a piece of seating furniture where visitors may rest. It is being controlled using a simple knob. The holographic appearance is created by a semi transparent surface that reflects the image.

Philipp Sackl