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Manage your travel expenses online – fast and easy

Client Pentland Firth
Jahr 2011/2012
Service UX Design

Mereko makes dealing with travel expenses simple and fast. All you have to do is send your receipts to Mereko and confirm the expense report. Mereko digitalizes, sorts and archives all the paperwork that comes with business travelling for you. It even takes care of transmitting the required data to your accountant. Together with our client Pentland Firth, we created the UX concept and visual design for Mereko.

The Challenge

Managing travel expenses is usually a complicated process. There are countless outliers, exceptions and legal requirements to be considered. So Mereko needed to be more than an efficient tool for travaling professionals. It had to become a friendly guide through the process of dealing with travel expenses. It had to ask the right questions and prensent the right information when you need it – and only then.

»envis precisely lives and breathes UI. We have been optimally supported throughout the project. The result looks and works great – our clients are impressed.«

Frank Heinrich, CEO Pentland Firth

For Business Travellers

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If you are travelling a lot, you probably don't want to spend time on accounting. That's why we made it a priority to limit this process to a few simple steps: enter the reason for your journey, check which bills you paid yourself and enter the number of nights you spent on the road. Then it is a matter of just a click to send everything to your boss for approval.

… and for their boss

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Mereko includes all the statistics you need to stay on top of your employees travels. Graphs and charts give you an instant overview of the current travels and expenses. It also makes it easy to quickly determine whether an expense report looks alright and approve it with a single click.

Throughout this process, Mereko only presents you with the information you absolutely need in order to reduce complexity. However, if special information like VAT, line items or per diems arise, the according fields will appear automatically. This keeps the process as simple as possible – but no simpler.

There and back again

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Even in unclear situations, Mereko supports you wherever it can. If your boss has a question regarding a receipt, he can attach it as a comment to that very receipt. That way, communications stay bundled. Plus: you can use the same comment field to resolve questions with the experts at Mereko.

Visual Design

Mereko is not just a usual business app and it shouldn't look like one either. We wanted it to be a friendly and competent assistent with managing travel expenses. That's why we based the design on warm colors, clear hierarchies and metaphors taken from the real world.

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Thomas Gläser