envis precisely


An interactive information sculpture that combines generative design with gestural controls.

Client AMGEN GmbH
Location Deutsches Museum, Munich
Year 2011
Partner Viscons GmbH, Gahrens + Battermann GmbH

Streamflow is a permanent installation at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. It represents AMGEN, the world's largest biotech company, which is a sponsor of the museum.


The installation shows a flow of data about the company. Text and images move along a stream of light that spans over four screens. You can interact with the data by accelerating and decelerating the flow. To do so, just move your hands along the surface. The installation will react instantly, even if you don't touch it. If you place your hand near an image, it moves towards your fingers and scales up.


»Creativity, dedication and the knowledge of trends in the digital domain – this is what makes the difference for us. Thanks to the team at envis precisely.«

Dr. Leonie Uhl, Manager Corporate Affairs AMGEN GmbH


Streamflow is one of the first commercial installations featuring gestural control based on Microsofts Kinect sensor. The sensor is mounted on the ceiling outside a visitors field of vision. Using some custom made tracking algorithms, the installation reacts precisely to every hand movement – even if your hand is just hovering over the surface.

Philipp Sackl